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Surrey Satellite US Introduces Next-Generation Color Video-Imaging Small Satellite

BySurrey Satellite |
15 April 2014 | 160

Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC (SST-US) today introduced the Surrey V1C color video-imaging satellite, a new compact design with high-quality imaging at sub-one-meter resolution. Priced at less than $20 million, the V1C design has significant space heritage and provides a 10-kilometer color video imaging swath.

Better Climate Predictions within Grasp thanks to Next-stage Funding of Satellite Mission

ByNational Physical Laboratory |
14 April 2014 | 151

A proposed satellite mission - that will improve our understanding of the consequences of climate change and could save the global economy up to $30 trillion - has received funding to develop a more detailed design of the technology and identify partners. It is hoped the satellite could be in...

DAT/EM Selected by Ordnance Survey, Great Britain

ByDAT/EM Systems |
11 April 2014 | 175

Ordnance Survey, Great Britain has selected DAT/EM Systems International® as their primary photogrammetric mapping software provider. The Summit Evolution™ software will be used for GIS and land base feature capture and editing for their mapping programs within Great Britain.

Improved Access to Integrated Biodiversity Data for Science, Practice, and Policy

09 April 2014 | 202

The "Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network (http://www.eubon.eu/)" EU BON General Meeting (http://www.symposium.eubon.eu/) took place between 30 March - 3 April 2014 in Heraklion on Crete, to present major project results and set objectives for the future. The meeting was preceeded by a review paper recently published in the open...

senseFly Boosts Agricultural Efficiency with Launch of eBee Ag Aerial Imaging Drone

BysenseFly |
09 April 2014 | 559

Swiss mini-drone manufacturer senseFly today announces the eBee Ag, a fully autonomous aerial imaging drone (or UAV) for precision agriculture applications.


Is innovation of geospatial technology destined to always be driven by military budgets?

08 April 2014 | 484

Many of the roots of innovation in the geospatial toolbox come from military initiatives, including the Global Positioning System...

How does open data spur the economic benefits from sensor and system investments?

31 March 2014 | 476

Sensors and systems configurations are proliferating whether for satellites with ground-based analysis and service delivery or with the components...

What can be gleaned about today’s technology from the growing mystery of MH370?

18 March 2014 | 659

Geospatial technologies have been deployed at a grand scale to help track down the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that...

How will the need for geospatial skills change when there’s a search engine for the planet?

11 March 2014 | 973

There is an explosion of readily accessible imagery and video for the globe that will soon be coming online,...

What impact will Google’s new mapping phone have on our digital realities?

23 February 2014 | 1443

Google has just released details of an initiative dubbed Project Tango that provisions an Android smartphone with the ability...


UAS for Agriculture, Ready for Take-off

Geospatial Education Continues to Balance Principles, Tools and Job Skills

Democracy Depends Upon Access to Government Geodata


BlackBridge Expands Niche in Broad Area Mapping and Change Detection

BlackBridge Expands Niche in Broad Area Mapping and Change Detection

27 March 2014 | 627

The purchase of the five-satellite RapidEye constellation by BlackBridge has linked earth observation capacity to a cloud-based system. Sensors...

GameSim Finds Fusion Capabilities in Demand

GameSim Finds Fusion Capabilities in Demand

24 March 2014 | 500

GameSim is a Florida-based company that continues to grow rapidly as a provider of software products and services, with a...

Skybox Looks to Innovate on Ease of Access

Skybox Looks to Innovate on Ease of Access

13 March 2014 | 1347

Sensors Systems (S S) editor Matt Ball spoke with Dirk Robinson, vice president of Image Systems at...


Technology Intersection – Geospatial Strategies for Insight from Big Data

Technology Intersection – Geospatial Strategies for Insight from Big Data

ByMarco Ruocco |
14 April 2014 | 251

Sensing technologies are producing unprecedented amounts of data about the environment and the digital world. The current question is: how...

Saving and Using the Geodetic Control Infrastructure

Saving and Using the Geodetic Control Infrastructure

ByBruce Joffe |
01 April 2014 | 470

GIS professionals familiar with the National Spatial Data Infrastructure's seven Framework Data Layers know that these are just the beginning...

Helping Automated Generalisation Come of Age

Helping Automated Generalisation Come of Age

13 March 2014 | 622

Traditionally maps were produced using a long and detailed process, which would start at the initial data collection stage and...

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